East Africa is formed by three countries Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Tanzania is situated south of Equator and covers 938,000 sq km with the estimated population of about 30 million people. The country is highly populated on the northern, eastern/ coastal areas while the southern part is not highly populated.

CLIMATE: The climate is tropical and there are two rain seasons the longer being March through May and the short between October and November. The dry season starts from July through October with clear sky and sunshine the whole day. The weather is suitable for beach vacation. The coastal area is normally hot and humid.

VISAS: Coming to Tanzania has been made easy for visitors. It is easy to obtain a Tanzanian visa and there are two ways to obtain: You can get a visa from a Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission from your country or during your arrival at the port of entry that is, airport or at the border port.

The above procedure is applicable for North America and European citizens. For more details about Visas please contact the nearest Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission in your area.

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ATTRACTION: The country has a lot to offer educationally, historically, leisure and adventures. These adventures are safaris (game drive in the National Parks), historical sites such as museums, landscapes, mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers and culture.

SOCIAL LIFE: The country has more than 120 tribes. Each tribe has its own vernacular. Although there are many languages "Kiswahili" was adopted to be the National Language since 1961 right after independence. The language has spread and is being used in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya and Central Africa. English is the second official language of the nation. You will find that Tanzanians are very welcoming and friendly.

POLITICAL SYSTEM: Tanzania is perhaps the leading country in

the continent of Africa for its political stability, peace and tranquility. The political system is multi-party and the government is democratic. Freedom of speech is encouraged and accommodated. Political and religious conflicts are resolved through dialogue. In short, religious and tribal conflicts are very rare in the country because every citizen is free to worship as he/she pleases provided that one does not violate the law of the land.

CURRENCY: The National currency of Tanzania is “shilling” (Tshs). Exchange rates vary and are subject to change as is the case with any other currency. Credit cards such as Euro-card, American Express, Master Card, Access and Visa are accepted by most tourists' hotels, carving shops, bureau de change and banks. Also Traveler's Cheques in sterling pounds and US dollars are acceptable.

RELIGIONS: Because of its historical diversity Tanzania is a land of various religions. Nevertheless, major religions are Christianity, Islam, Hindu and African Traditional Religions. In the east coast Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Zanzibar and Tanga the dominant religion is Islam and Hindu. This is due to the advent of Arabs and Eastern Indians which led to the spread of the two religions. The mainland is dominant Christians.

INFRASTRUCTURE AND ACCESIBILITY: Major roads are paved and accessible throughout the year. Side roads and those around and within National Parks are muddy and rough. For this reason, a 4WD car is required for safaris. Four Wheel cars include: Toyota Land Cruisers, Land Rovers and Toyota Hiace 4WD. This is the type of cars commonly used. The Railway is also used mostly in the eastern, southern, central and western parts of the country.

TIME: The time zone is GMT + 3 and the electricity is 220 - 240 V AC, 50 Hz.

BEFORE COMING TO TANZANIA: Because we care, we at Safari Tanzania recommend that you see your doctor before coming to Africa for advice on changes of weather and other related conditions, malaria prevention etc.

You can pay using credit card during your arrival in Tanzania. We currently accept VISA AND MASTERCARDS

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